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IPTV Definition

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously.


One of the advantages of IPTV is its capability to get easily integrated with other IP-based services such as VOIP or high-speed internet. It uses the existing computer network. Hence, no use of cables and is hassle free. It distributes live or prerecorded TV and video/audio over the preexisting network.


How to add m3u playlists to MAG Box 250 ....270
How to add m3u playlists to MAG Box 250/254/275
Step 1. Copy and paste the M3U link in an internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc) and Enter. Your M3U playlist will be downloaded. Save the m3u file as on your flash Memory (remember its name!).

Step 2. Insert the flash Memory to your device MAG device.

Step 3. On the main screen, press “Home Media” (embedded portal)

Step 4. Find your flash memory’s name and select it and then press OK.

Step 5. Choose your Upmaker m3u playlist, press OK.A message will be shown, asking if you want to add the channels, agree to that:

Step 6. Hit the F3 Yellow button on your remote to add the playlist.

Step 7. After the channels have been added, press TV button on the remote

Step 8. You can remove the flash memory from your box.

Step 9. There you have it! Enjoy your Upmaker subscription.

What is IPTV ?
IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos that are either live or on demand. IPTV is a system where digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through Internet protocol technology via the medium of broadband or internet connection.
Types of IPTV services ?
1) Video on Demand

2) Near Video on Demand

3) Time-shifted TV

4) TV on Demand (TVoD)

5) Live Television

How does IPTV work?
With traditional TV, programs are broadcast by being turned into radio waves and beamed through the air to a rooftop antenna on your home. The antenna converts the waves back into electrical signals and your TV set decodes them to make its sound and picture.